Resources for Fire Arts presentation at JCHS

Some of the artists mentioned in our presentation:

Flaming Lotus Girls
False Profit Labs
Pendulum by Pyrokinetics
Survival Research Labs
Ryon Gesink
Justin Gray
Nate Smith – Fire Vortex

  • Where to see these groups:
  • Many of these artists participate in The Crucible’s annual summer Fire Arts Festival.
    Smaller events abound but are harder to find. A great list for underground and counterculture events is the Squidlist.

  • How to get involved:
  • Volunteer to work with these art groups. Some have very strong mission to welcome and educate newcomers. Most welcome willing workers with any skills. Join their Facebook, Twitter, Flickr groups and learn more about how they work and how to get involved.
    False Profit, LLC
    Fire Blooms
    Flaming Lotus Girls
    Interpretive Arson
    Kinetic Steam Works
    Neverwas Haul

  • Learn a related skill such as welding, wood working, or electronics. Don’t ignore softer skills like web and graphic design, CAD (Computer Aided Design), and sewing:
  • The Crucible
    Teach Me To Make


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