Where to get motors?

Based on an excellent email from my friend Max:
American Science and Surplus
Herbach & Rademan
Surplus Center – Quality stuff, prices ok. Also great source for hydraulics and pneumatics
Allelectronics – Quality varies, prices good
Industrial Supply – Expensive, but they will have most anything you would want
McMaster-Carr – Excellent stock, ships fast, web site rules. Paper catalog is the holy grail of gearheads.
Grainger – Not as good as McMaster IMHO, but they have local stores which can get whatever you want in a couple of days.
MSC Industrial Supply – They’re a good vendor, paper catalog is a great resource to have on your shelf.

Alternatively, auto junk yards ( Pick-A-Part ) are really good sources for cheap gear motors: electric seat, electric window, and windshield wiper, etc. Bring tools, rip ’em out yourself, get covered in grease. Fun! 🙂


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