ClubArduino: an informal gathering to discuss and learn about Arduino projects

ClubArduino was founded by North Pitney and Erin Elliot as an opportunity learn, share, solve problems, and in general talk about Arduino related projects.

Anyone interested in Arduino is welcome. No Arduino experience or project is necessary, but if you have a project either in an idea form or in progress, you are especially invited to share it.

Sunday  November 22, 2009
The Shipyard, Berkeley

Q: What is Club Arduino?
A: Club Arduino is an excuse for people to gather and exchange ideas about building, teaching and learning with the Arduino

Q: What should participants bring?
A: Bring any Arduino related projects, documentation, ideas or questions. You may also bring other projects that are related to micro-controllers, programming or sensors and actuators.

Q: Who will be there?
A: Mostly people from our loose network of tinkerers, inventors, teachers and artists.

Q: Will there be any snacks?
Everyone is invited to bring snacks and/or drinks to share.

Q: I want to participate! How do I find out more information?
A: Please RSVP michael AT michaelshiloh DOT com, or just show up.


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