Arduino Workshops: Past Topics

At a previous workshop

Blinking LEDs are all well and good, but it’s also exciting to make things move. Even more exciting is to make stuff move autonomously, that is, simple robotics.

In the next Arduino class, we will learn how to control motors, and how to use sensors to create simple autonomous robots. This same technique can be used to “hack” electronic devices, to interface toys, appliances, or other electrical devices to our Arduino, or to create new devices by combining pieces of different devices.

We will learn how to use transistors and relays to control motors or other loads that require current, voltage, or polarity that Arduino can not directly control.

Personal projects of this sort are welcome.

Please bring either your project, or an electric car or other mobile toy that you don’t mind modifying and possibly damaging, of about 8″ or larger. A broken toy or one missing the remote control is ideal. The larger size is easier to work on, and is more likely to be strong enough to carry your Arduino, the solderless breadboard, and a 9V battery. Matchbox-size cars will be too small.

Be sure to bring appropriate batteries for the toy in addition to a 9V battery for the Arduino.

A visit to your local thrift store should yield a number of suitable toys.

Past Focus Areas

  • Interrupts
  • Software interrupts
  • Timer interrupts
  • Transistors
  • TV Infrared Remote Control

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