Resources for Circuit Bending class at SFSU

Roughly monthly gatherings, presentations on topics under the broad umbrella of “People doing strange things with electricity”. Very creative, helpful, and resourceful group. Very active mailing list itself is a great resource.

Hacker space in The Mission. Large space with tools, parts, and dozens of brilliant hackers working all hours of the day and night. Extremely welcoming of newcomers, very strong mission of education. No need to be a member in order to participate.

SHARE San Jose
An organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into a common system, improvise on each others’ signal and perform live audio and video.

Bay Area Computer Music Technologists & Enthusiasts
Roughly monthly meetings for learning, improving, and sharing with others.

Matt Heckert
Mechanical Sound Orchestra and other sound, performance, and installation art

GX Jupitter-Larsen and the Haters
Hard to describe

Scott Jenerik, F-Space, and Mobilization records
Extreme experimental pyro-industrial art-punk rock-band

Handmade Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins

Puredata homepage, where to download Puredata from
Great documentation for Puredata
Tutorial showing how to compose with Puredata
Tutorial showing how to make a simple synthesizer with Puredata

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