Examples of Kinetic Art

Survival Research Labs
Considered by many the source of modern machine or industrial art

Matt Heckert
Machine and kinetic art, machine sound art, and creator of many early SRL machines

Carl Pisaturo
Artist, master machinist, and inventor, Carl documents his process in detail for great learning opportunities. Great examples of complex motions via cables

North Pitney
North Pitney’s amazing reconfigurable maze is one of my all-time favorite projects ever. North is also co-founder of Club Arduino, a great local resource for Arduino enthusiasts.

Shadow Robot Company
Company in the UK making robots. Extensive use of multiple control cables through moving joints.

Arthur Ganson
Arthur Ganson makes amazing sculptures using wire gears and mechanisms
Making wire gears
Sample piece: Meditation #1
See you Tube for many other videos of his work

Daniel Rozinin
Amazing wooden mirror by Daniel Rozinin in which over 800 small blocks of wood are individually slightly rotated to display an image of what the camera captures

Theo Jansen
Theo Jansen creates new forms of life using plastic tubing as the basic building material. Wind is their food, and their stomach is made of recycled plastic bottles.
Theo’s “The art of creating creatures” presentation at TED in 2006, including a wonderful video of his work, and demonstrations of portions of his mechanisms. See you Tube for many other videos of his work

Del’s Beautiful New Wooden Machine
An intricate hand-cranked machine demonstrating many types of simple mechanisms: cranks, gears, chains, sprockets, offset gears to change speed, escapements, conversion of rotary motion to linear motion. Thanks to Tristan for bringing this to my attention.

One Response to “Examples of Kinetic Art”

  1. Ralph Smith Says:

    This is a nice collection! I am an architect and maker of things who is now dedicating time to encourage people to discover the joy of making things, starting with a few small kinetic art and furniture projects. Here is a link: http://www.fun-to-build.com/

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