I can help: Electronics & Mechanics for Designers and Artists

I can teach you the technical skills you need for your designs and art projects: Basic electronics, LEDs, mechanics, Arduino, electronic sound, and applications such as Max/MSP, Puredata, and Processing.

Originally trained as an electrical engineer, I have years of experience teaching technical concepts to non-technical people. For the past 20 years I have been working with art collectives designing and building large and small scale kinetic, machine, multimedia, and industrial art for installations and performance. I have taught as a guest lecturer (CCA, SFAI, SFSU, etc.), at conferences, and through private classes and workshops. I lead giant tinkering workshops at Maker Faire. I am currently head of the Kinetics and Electronics department at The Crucible.

I am patient, open-minded, and have a very broad experience base from upon which to draw. My students routinely tell me that I am an excellent teacher.

I offer short (and free) advice by phone or email, inexpensive access to my workshop and my expertise, and ongoing classes. I can also provide custom classes at other locations and private consultation.

michael AT teachmetomake DOT com

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