Projects for Beginners

Projects for Beginners

Following class, you are ready to tackle your own project. Where to start?

Here are some suggestions of projects that are well suited to someone like you, are well-documented, and build on what we teach:

Easy projects

Nuts and Volts has a wide range of projects, many of them suitable to beginners. An excellent example is Build an Electronic Metronome by Paul Florian which includes a detailed lists of parts along with Digikey or Radio Shack part numbers, suggestions for construction, and clear photographs.

Advanced projects

Jameco has started to post a series of projects on its website.
Radio Locator Beacon for Flying Objects
by Dan Gravatt is designed as a beacon for locating model rockets. It transmits a simple audio tone in the FM band, so you use a simple FM radio to locate your rocket. Of course it can be applied to any object, not just a model rocket. The real reason I’ve included this circuit here is that it’s very simple and although it can be quite fiddly getting it to work, the fiddly bits are well described, making this an excellent advanced project that will teach you a lot about Radio Frequency (RF) circuits.

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