Reference pages

I ask my students to create a personalized fact page (what used to be called a cheat sheet but since it’s not cheating I prefer a different name) of facts that they use repeatedly but haven’t yet memorized. As an example, and for the same reason, here is my fact sheet:

  1. Pinout for the T-Pro SG90 hobby servo motor
    1. The wire colors are: Red = Battery, Brown = Battery(-), and Orange = Signal
  2. Data sheets I often need
    1. Transistors
      1. 2N2222, 2N3904, 2N3906, TIP120, RFP12N10L
    2. Integrated Circuits
      1. LM555, LM386, LM741, LMC6482
    3. Misc
      1. Omron relay g5v1
      2. T Pro SG90 hobby servo
        1. Brown = Ground
        2. Orange = +ve
        3. Yellow = Signal
    4. Arduino
      1. Arduino schematics
        1. Uno, Duemilanove, NG
        2. ATMEGA328 datasheet

        Popular shield schematics

        1. Adafruit’s Motor/Stepper/Servo shield
        2. Robot Power’s high power MegaMotor shield (up to 30A at 28V!)
    5. Capacitor markings
      1. European schematic symbols, especially polarized

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