Where to buy stuff

This list is intentionally non-exhaustive so as to make it approachable to the beginner.

Miscellaneous electronics
Local stores (San Francisco Bay Area)

  • Al Lashers, Berkeley (extremely knowledgeable staff)
  • Electronics Plus, San Rafael (extremely knowledgeable staff)
  • Radio Shack (last resort)

South Bay


  • Digikey
  • Mouser
  • Newark Electronics
  • Jameco:
    • multiple “favorites” lists allow some organization but can add to a shopping cart only from one favorite list at a time
    • order history very useful
  • MPJA:
    • wish-list, but only one
    • no history
    • hard to save order or cut-and-paste
  • Circuit Specialists:
    • good price on rotary switches
    • best price on solderless breadboards
  • BG Micro
    • cheap 100 ohm speakers
    • order history
    • multiple lists, which can be mailed or even made public
  • Electronix Express
    • Great price on some things but very unfriendly website
  • Parts Express
    • wish list and order history


  • Adafruit Industries
  • Sparkfun
  • Fun Gizmos
  • Maker Shed

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